Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology

Lausanne, Switzerland

Engineering (This category covers research into designing and building all manner of electrical and mechanical devices.)

Primary Research Units and Focus:
Institute of Energy Sciences
Institute of Production and Robotics
Institute of Systems Engineering

Deeper Links:
Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines
Power Systems Laboratory
Laboratoire de Thermique appliquée et de Turbomachines
Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory
Laboratoire de Machines Electriques
Laboratoire d'électronique industrielle
Laboratory for Industrial Energy Systems (LENI)
Laboratory of Computational Engineering
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Integrated Actuators
Laboratory for Production Management and Processes
Laboratoire de production microtechnique
Laboratory of Robotic Systems
Laboratory for Computer Aided Design and Production (LICP)
Laboratory of Automation
Autonomous Systems Lab

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