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Computing (This category covers research into all aspects of information processing, including computers, software and communications.)

Research Units:

Computer Science Department (CS)
Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Computing, Communication Networks, Computer-Aided  Design of Digital Systems, Computer Architecture and Systems, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Computer Graphics, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Databases and Information Systems, Distributed Systems,  Human-Computer Interaction and Interfaces, Numerical and Scientific Computing, Operating Systems, Parallel Computing, Programming Languages, Real-Time Systems, Software Engineering, Theoretical Computing

Coordinated Sciences Laboratory (CSL)
Applied Computation Theory, Communications, Computer Vision, Decision and Control, Reliable and High-Performance Computing, Signal and Image Processing, Supercomputing, VLSI Circuits and Systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE)
Applied Computation Theory; Communications; Computer Systems; Computer Vision and Robotics; Decision and Control; Electromagnetic Fields and Optics; Electrooptics, Lasers, and Plasmas; Integrated Circuits; Remote Sensing and Propagation; Semiconductor Materials and Devices; Semiconductor Physics and Computational Electronics; Signal, Image, and Speech Processing

Beckman Institute

Advanced Chemical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biological Intelligence, Computational Electronics, Image Formation and Processing, Photonics, Theoretical Biophysics

Open Systems Laboratory

Artificial Intelligence Group
Multimodal Human Computer Interaction Project
Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory
Center for Trustworthy Networked Systems
Imaging Technology Group
Illinois Center for Cryptography and Information Protection
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory
Nonlinear Systems Group
Natural Language Research at UIUC

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CS Research Areas

CS Research Groups
CS Technical Reports
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Beckman Institute - Research
Open Systems Laboratory - Publications
Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs
Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Programs
Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory - Publications
Center for Trustworthy Networked Systems - Research
Illinois Center for Cryptography and Information Protection - Research
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets - Research
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets - Publications
Nonlinear Systems Group - Research

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Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computing; Biological, Chemical, DNA and Molecular Computing; Chaotic Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Probabilistic Reasoning; Computer and Machine Learning; Computer Science; Computer Vision and Image Processing; Computers and Society; Cryptography and Security; Databases and Information Retrieval; Data Representation and Simulation; Data Storage Technology; Data Structures and Algorithms; Digital Libraries; Distributed Computing; Graphics; Human-Computer Interaction; Integrated Circuits; Internet; Logic; Multiagent Systems; Multimedia; Natural Language Processing; Neural Networks; Operating Systems; Optical Computing, Optoelectronics and Photonics; Parallel Systems and Supercomputing; Pattern Recognition; Programming Languages and Compilers; Quantum Computing and Communications; Real-time and Embedded Systems; Robotics; Software Design and Engineering; Theory

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