Media and Materials:

Orlando Auciello, Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, Illinois

Bruce Terris, IBM Research
San Jose, California

Tsuyoshi Tsujioka, Sanyo Electric Company
Osaka, Japan

Mark Tuominen, University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts

Robert White, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Gerd K. Binnig, IBM Research
Zürich, Switzerland

Jim Brug, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto, California

Hans Coufal, IBM Research
San Jose, California

Gordon Hughes, University of California
San Diego, CA

Mark H. Kryder, Seagate Technology/Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Optical Storage:

Sadik C. Esener, University of California
San Diego, California

Lambertus Hesselink, Stanford University
Palo Alto, California

Masud Mansuripur, University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Tom Milster, University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Demetri Psaltis, California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California

Junji Tominaga, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Tsukuba, Japan

Molecular and Atomic Memory:

Franz Himpsel, University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Mark A. Reed, Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

James M. Tour, Rice University
Houston, Texas

R. Stanley Williams, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto, California

What to Look For

Disk drives:

Patterned media
Terabit-per-square-inch patterned media
Very large, extraordinary or ballistic magnetoresistance

Optical devices:

Twenty gigabytes on a CD-size disk via blue lasers
Practical near-field technology
Practical holographic technology

Memory devices:

Molecular layers
Nanowire transistors
Bits in single carbon nanotubes
Bits in single molecules

Alternative devices:

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Bits in single atoms
Multiple bits in the quantum states of an atom

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