TRN was founded by and is run by journalists. Every story published by TRN is the result of direct, original reporting.

TRN stories cover developments at university, government and corporate research centers on topics like robotics, nanotechnology, quantum computing, virtual reality, wireless communications, and the Internet -- technologies that are increasingly affecting business, culture and day-to-day life.

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of technologies like computers, biotechnology, and the Internet, and these changes are reaching deeper into the fabric of society and happening more quickly as time goes on. Our coverage is designed to give readers insight into tomorrow's technology before it emerges from the lab.

Our goal is to satisfy the reader's curiosity about this evolving technology and its underlying science, and to provide the reader with a basis for judging the many predictions and visions of the future. We're also writing for people who, like us, get a thrill out of witnessing science fiction become science.


The information on our site is compiled solely according to our judgment

Stories are labeled with one or more of TRN's 45 categories -- from Applied Computing to Wireless Communications. Many of the computer science categories are taken from the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) subject list, which in turn is derived from the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Computing Classification System.

Our writing and editing generally adheres to the AP style, with several exceptions:

For readability's sake we rarely use acronyms and abbreviations. For example, nanometer rather than nm, and light-emitting diode rather than LED. In the days of newsprint, with space was at a premium, it made sense to sacrifice readability for more room for content. In these days of unlimited space it does not.

We do, however, include university, company and lab acronyms after the first reference of the name. This makes make sense in terms of searching.

We do not include the city or state locations of universities, companies and labs. Locations outside the U.S. are designated by country. In the age of the Internet, the additional information is unnecessary and hurts readability. We do, however, include city information for conferences because these are more relevant and because they appear out of the reader's way at the bottom of the story.

All of the images that appear in stories can be clicked to go to larger versions of the images, and additional written information about the images.

The entries we choose for the Research Directory are organizations that engage in primary research in technology and provide detailed information about their research on the Web in English. Information about research focus and individual projects within organizations reflects active research. This means some topics might not be listed for a given organization if the organization has engaged in research in those topics in the past, or if the organization covers those topics in the classroom but not in the lab.


TRN does not accept submissions of any creative material. TRN does not accept any confidential information. TRN does, however, accept information that has not previously been made publicly available.

Letters to the Editor

TRN welcomes letters to the editor. TRN may edit letters for brevity, but in all such cases we provide links to the full, unedited letters. Words removed are replaced by elipses () and words added are enclosed by brackets ( [ ] ).

Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of TRN or its staff, nor does publication represent endorsement of the views presented in the letters.

Privacy Policy

TRN does not keep track of individual users of this Web site. Although we do track the overall use of this Web site, we make no attempt to match individual identities to this information.

Personal information submitted with letters to the editor and other feedback is confidential with the exception of the names and locations of letter writers, which are included with published letters. We use information collected for email and subscription lists for the stated purpose of the list only, and do not sell such information to third parties.

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