TRN's Researchers to Watch Directory lists the Web pages of active researchers who make regular, newsworthy contributions to their fields. Listings are organized by category and subcategory, and alphabetized by category. Browse the directory to follow cutting-edge research as it happens.

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Alternative Computer Chips
Nano Circuits   Microfabrication   Architecture   Molecular Devices   Spintronics

Microfluidics   Sensors   Manipulators

Computer Displays
Components and Processes   Plastic Electronics   MOEMS   3D Displays

Computer Interfaces
Screen   Speech   Gesture/Multimodal   Neural

Data Storage
Media and Materials   Devices   Optical Storage   Molecular and Atomic Memory

DNA Technology
Computing   Assembly   Machines

Internet Applications
Web Use   Privacy/Free Speech   Security   Search/Retrieval   Grid

Internet Structure
Links and Hops   Content   Comparisons

Nanomechanics and Nanoelectronics
Nanoelectronic Devices   Molecular Electronics   Nano and Molecular Mechanics   Biomolecular Mechanics

Pattern Recognition Technologies
Data Analysis   Biometrics and Security   Computer Vision and Image Processing   Interfaces and Language Processing   Neural Networks

Power Sources
Hydrogen Generation/Storage   Fuel Cells   Solar Cells   Batteries   Piezoelectrics and Thermoelectrics   Zero-Point Energy

Quantum Computing
Qubits and Logic   Architectures   Communications and Storage   Theory and Algorithms

Quantum Cryptography
Systems   Theory   Single Photon Sources

Humanoid   Locomotion   Manipulation   Modular and Multirobot   Human-Robot Interaction   Microrobots   Self-replication

Cryptography   Data Hiding   System and Software Security   Privacy, Policies and General Security

Biological   Organic   Inorganic   General, Large-Scale and Theoretical

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