Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Palo Alto, CA

Applied Physics  Communications  Computing

Computing This category covers research into all aspects of information processing, including computers, software and communications.

Research Units:

Cambridge Research Lab
Imaging Systems Laboratory
Information Dynamics
Information Theory
Mobile & Media Systems Lab
Printing & Imaging Research Center
Quantum Information Processing
HP Labs, India
HP Labs, Israel
HP Labs, Japan
HP Labs, UK

Deeper Links:

HP Labs - Technical Reports
Cambridge Research Lab - Projects
Cambridge Research Lab - Publications
Imaging Systems Laboratory - Projects
Information Dynamics - Research Areas
Information Theory - Patents
Information Theory - Publications
Mobile & Media Systems Lab - Projects
Mobile & Media Systems Lab - Publications
Mobile & Media Systems Lab - Presentations
Quantum Information Processing - Areas of Interest
Quantum Information Processing - Publications
HP Labs, India - Research

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Relevant TRN Categories:

Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computing; Biological, Chemical, DNA and Molecular Computing; Chaotic Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Probabilistic Reasoning; Computer and Machine Learning; Computer Science; Computer Vision and Image Processing; Computers and Society; Cryptography and Security; Databases and Information Retrieval; Data Representation and Simulation; Data Storage Technology; Data Structures and Algorithms; Digital Libraries; Distributed Computing; Graphics; Human-Computer Interaction; Integrated Circuits; Internet; Logic; Multiagent Systems; Multimedia; Natural Language Processing; Neural Networks; Operating Systems; Optical Computing, Optoelectronics and Photonics; Parallel Systems and Supercomputing; Pattern Recognition; Programming Languages and Compilers; Quantum Computing and Communications; Real-time and Embedded Systems; Robotics; Software Design and Engineering; Theory

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