Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

Primary Research Units and Focus:

Microsoft Research
Adaptive Systems and Interaction, Advanced Programming Languages, Collaborative and Multimedia Systems, Component Applications, Cryptography, Database, Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems, Foundations of Software Engineering, Graphics, Hardware Systems, Information Retrieval and Analysis, Integrated Systems, Intentional Programming, Machine Learning and Applied Statistics, Natural Language Processing, Networking, Programmer Productivity, Programming Language Systems, Programming Principles and Tools, Scalable Servers, Semantics-Based Tools, Signal Processing, Software Productivity Tools, Speech Technology, Systems and Networking, Telepresence, Theory, User Interfaces, Virtual Worlds, Vision Technology

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Applied Computing / Artificial Intelligence / Computer and Machine Learning / Computer Vision and Image Processing / Cryptography and Security / Data Acquisition / Databases and Information Retrieval / Data Structures and Algorithms / Distributed Computing / Graphics / Human-Computer Interaction / Internet / Multimedia / Natural Language Processing / Networking / Numerical Analysis / Operating Systems / Pattern Recognition / Programming Languages and Compilers / Real-Time and Embedded Systems / Signal Processing / Software Design and Engineering / Theory

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