SRI International

Menlo Park, CA

Primary Research Units and Focus:

Engineering Sciences & Systems Development (ESSD)
Advanced Systems Development, Physical Electronics, RF Systems, Remote and Point Sensing Technologies
Information & Computing Sciences Division
Computer Dialog, Computer Security, Formal Methods, Image Understanding, Natural Language, Noise and Channel Algorithms, Parallel and Distributed Processing Technology, Representation and Reasoning, Speech Applications, Speech Recognition and Understanding, VLSI Design
Information, Telecommunications and Automation Division (ITAD)
Automation, Distributed Information Processing, Learning and Adaptive Systems, Telecommunications

Deeper Links:

Artificial Intelligence Center (AI)
AI Center Publications
Cambridge Computer Science Research Centre (CCSRC)
CCSRC Research Areas
CCSRC Technical Reports
Computer Human Interaction Center (CHIC)
CHIC Library
CHIC Projects
Computer Science Lab (CSL)
CSL Publications
ESSD Projects
ITAD Publications
ITAD Research
Speech Technology And Research (STAR)
STAR Publications
System Design Lab (SDL)
SDL Projects

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Relevant TRN Categories:

Applied Computing / Architecture / Artificial Intelligence / Computer and Machine Learning / Computer Vision and Image Processing / Cryptography and Security / Data Acquisition / Databases and Information Retrieval / Distributed Computing / Graphics / Human-Computer Interaction / Internet / Logic / Multimedia / Natural Language Processing / Networking / Optical Computing, Optoelectronics and Photonics / Parallel Systems and Supercomputing / Programming Languages and Compilers / Real-Time and Embedded Systems / Robotics / Semiconductors and Materials / Signal Processing / Software Design and Engineering / Telecommunications / Wireless Communication

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