Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Primary Research Units and Focus:

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Science and Engineering
School of Engineering
Information Systems
Engineering Research Services

Deeper Links:

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Research Area
Computer Science and Engineering Research Areas
Artificial Intelligence Group
Artificail Intelligence Publications
Multimedia Information Systems Group
Multimedia Information Systems Publications
Distributed Operating System Group
Distributed Operating System Publications
Wireless and Computer Networks Projects
Wireless and Computer Networks Publications
Scalab: Scalable Computing Lab Research / Projects
Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing Group
Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing Publications
Telecommunication Research Center
Collaborative Research Program on Ubiquitous Computing
Partnership for Research In Stereo Modeling (PRISM)

School of Engineering Research
Physics Research
Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy
Center for Research in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology

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University Search
Information Systems Publications Search
Physics Search

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