University of Illinois


Primary Research Units and Focus:

Beckman Institute
Advanced Chemical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biological Intelligence, Computational Electronics, Image Formation and Processing, Photonics, Theoretical Biophysics
Computer Science Department (CS)
Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Computing, Communication Networks, Computer-Aided  Design of Digital Systems, Computer Architecture and Systems, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Computer Graphics, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Databases and Information Systems, Distributed Systems,  Human-Computer Interaction and Interfaces, Numerical and Scientific Computing, Operating Systems, Parallel Computing, Programming Languages, Real-Time Systems, Software Engineering, Theoretical Computing
Coordinated Sciences Laboratory (CSL)
Applied Computation Theory, Communications, Computer Vision, Decision and Control, Reliable and High-Performance Computing, Signal and Image Processing, Supercomputing, VLSI Circuits and Systems
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE)
Applied Computation Theory; Communications; Computer Systems; Computer Vision and Robotics; Decision and Control; Electromagnetic Fields and Optics; Electrooptics, Lasers, and Plasmas; Integrated Circuits; Remote Sensing and Propagation; Semiconductor Materials and Devices; Semiconductor Physics and Computational Electronics; Signal, Image, and Speech Processing

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ECE Labs
ECE Research Programs
Genetic Algorithms Lab

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Relevant TRN Categories:

Applied Computing / Architecture / Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computing / Biological, Chemical, DNA and Molecular Computing / Chaotic Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Probabilistic Reasoning / Computer and Machine Learning / Computer Vision and Image Processing / Databases and Information Retrieval / Data Storage Technology / Data Structures and Algorithms / Digital Libraries / Distributed Computing / Graphics / Human-Computer Interaction / Integrated Circuits / Internet / MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) / Multiagent Systems / Multimedia / Nanotechnology / Networking / Neural Networks / Numerical Analysis / Operating Systems / Optical Computing, Optoelectronics and Photonics / Parallel Systems and Supercomputing / Pattern Recognition / Programming Languages and Compilers / Real-Time and Embedded Systems / Robotics / Semiconductors and Materials / Signal Processing / Software Design and Engineering / Theory / Wireless Communication

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