University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill

Primary Research Units and Focus:

Department of Computer Science (CS)
Computer Architectures, Computer Graphics and Image Analysis, Computer-Supported  Cooperative Work, Distributed Systems, Geometric Modeling and Computation, Hardware Systems and Design, Human-Machine Interaction, Hypertext, Multimedia Systems, Networking, Parallel Computing, Programming Language  Design and Implementation, Real-time Systems, Software Engineering and Environments
School of Information and Library Science (ILS)
Communication, Information Retrieval

Deeper Links:

CS Research Projects
CS Publications
ILS Research Page
ILS Technical Reports

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Relevant TRN Categories:

Architecture / Computer Vision and Image Processing / Databases and Information Retrieval / Digital Libraries / Distributed Computing / Graphics / Human-Computer Interaction / Internet / Multimedia / Networking / Neural Networks / Parallel Systems and Supercomputing / Programming Languages and Compilers / Real-Time and Embedded Systems / Software Design and Engineering

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