November 13/20, 2002   

   Coax goes nano
It looks like nanotechnology researchers have gained a key tool in the form of layered wires one thousand times narrower than a human hair. Each layer of a wire can be a different semiconductor or insulator, which are the basic ingredients of modern electronic devices. This means a single layered wire can form a transistor, which is the building block of computer chips.
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Webs within Web boost searches
If you look at the Web as a series of thousands of mini, interconnected, subject-specific Webs, the picture of a comprehensive search engine comes into focus. A mathematical model that maps out these subject Webs could help you find what you're looking for.

Circuit gets more power from shakes
Self-powering watches are just the beginning of energy-scavenging technology. A circuit that squeezes four times more power from crystals that convert vibration to electricity could hasten the development of sensors, wireless networks and other devices powered by the motion of vehicles, and even people.

Method measures quantum quirk
The weird quantum property of entanglement, which links two or more atoms or subatomic particles regardless of how far apart they are, is a crucial ingredient for making mind-numbingly fast quantum computers and perfectly secure quantum communications. Entanglement defies common sense, and has until now defied direct measurement. A new method could put a virtual yardstick to this odd phenomenon.

Biochip sprouts DNA strands
Precisely positioning DNA strands on chips could speed medical and biological tests, and provide a useful building technique for nanotechnology. A scheme that turns gold surfaces into microscopic Chia pets shows promise. The method makes molecular-scale forests of DNA as narrow as the width of 100 hydrogen atoms.

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