June 16/23, 2004   

   Fragments boost 3D TV
The ultimate in video is a system that renders three-dimensional images in real-time and lets the viewer change viewpoints at will. It takes a lot of network bandwidth to transmit that much information, however. A system that turns two-dimensional pixels from a camera array into a set of independent points in space promises to lighten the load.
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Internet ups power grid IQ
Buildings usually consume electricity without much in the way of planning or policy. But now that most building are wired into the Internet the way is open for building managers to program buildings to adjust power use dynamically based on infrastructure, economic and environmental conditions. A test using electricity price hikes shows the possibilities.

Fractals show machine intentions
Someday machines could build themselves, which means they might not necessarily be designed to communicate with people. This could make interacting with machines difficult. One solution is to give people a means of interpreting machines that's similar to the way we read each other's body language. A team of researchers has proposed a way to do so that combines fractals with algorithms that automatically cluster data.

VR tool re-creates hallucinations
Psychiatrists face the difficult task of putting themselves in the shoes of mentally and emotionally disturbed people. A virtual reality program that reproduces patients' hallucinations can give them a first-hand experience, and it gives them a tool to help treat the patients.

Chip miniaturizes holography... Pressure adds depth to displays... Genes automate DNA machines... Scheme optimizes light chips... Silicon nanowires grown in place... Laser tweezer grabs varied specks.

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