March 21, 2001   

   Net inherently virus prone
The Internet's structure, with a handful of hubs sporting many thousands of connections and millions of nodes with only a handful of connections, makes it fertile ground for computer viruses. What's worse, even the weakest of viruses can linger on the Net. The good news is no single virus is likely to infect the whole Internet.
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Rubber stamp leaves electronic mark
Put a gold-plated rubber stamp on a thin film of plastic, give it a jolt of electricity and the plastic traps electric charge in the form of the stamp. The result could be high-capacity data storage and it might even give rubber stamping a good name.

Software spots forged signatures
The expertise needed to identify people by their handwriting could be coming soon to a courthouse computer near you.

Magnetic transistor means changeable chips
If magnetic transistors come to pass, you might be able to upgrade your computer without even opening it.

Filters distill quantum bits
Researchers are looking for a good stiff shot of well-entangled particles. A distillation technique offers to serve up the good stuff.

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