May 23, 2001   

   Laser switch sets up light logic
If all-optical computers are ever going to become reality, researchers have to shrink bulky fiber-optic cables down to chip size and make tiny optical transistors. Making photons jump through the right hoops on a chip ultimately means a huge increase in computing speed.
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Light computer runs quantum algorithm
Quantum computers get their speed from interference. But ordinary lightwaves are pretty good at interfering with each other, too, and some researchers are looking to make quantum-like computers without the quantum mechanics.

Five percent of nodes keep Net together
How many computers do you have to crash to bring down the Internet? The answer is about five and a half million. Of course, they have to be the right five and a half million.

Prototype shows electronic paper potential
Electronic ink made a big splash a few years ago. But it isn't too useful all by itself. A prototype of electronic paper is starting to fill in the picture. Now if they can just boost the resolution and refresh rate a bit...

Lasers spin microscopic objects
Optical tweezers have been around for years, allowing lab technicians to snatch hapless bacteria in laser beams. Researchers in Scotland give the idea a new twist -- literally.

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