October 4, 2000   

   DNA does logic
If DNA can build a person, why not fast computers or small parts? With a little bit of chemistry, researchers have coaxed snippets of DNA to self-assemble into logic circuits. The results could turn a test tube of DNA into a supercomputer or a nano-scale assembly line. Full story
Quantum quirk promises smaller circuits
Quantum weirdness lets a pair of photons shine on half the area one would cover. In this light, computer chips could get a lot faster.

Pop-up book melds real with virtual
This is one pop-up book you can literally dive into. Well, virtually...

Lab-on-a-CD corrects itself
Four pockets of colorful chemicals mean that someday taking a blood test could be as convenient as firing up your CD player.

Linked particles advance quantum computing
Quantum computers aren't around the corner or even a sure thing, but a linked pair of quasi-atoms is a step in the right direction.

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