June 21, 2000

Here's the headline for the lead story
Living things have evolved the ability to build substances like bone and shell using combinations of organic and inorganic materials. Researchers at the University of Texas are using a little forced evolution to find viruses whose peptides come in handy for finding, carrying and gluing together nanoscale pieces of semiconductor. Full story
Virtual physicals at hand
A virtual reality system from the University of Buffalo allows physicians to record and play back the tactile sensations of an abdominal exam.

Sandia speeds microtube chip making
Researchers have devised a room temperature, single-wafer fabrication process for building networks of tiny tubes on chips.

Data compression makes the heart grow fuzzy
A trio of studies shows that the convenience of compressing large angiogram files is probably outweighed by an increase in errors.

Multicast promises lighter wireless Internet
The burden wireless users place on the Internet could be lightened by a multicast architecture, according to a USC researcher.

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