Comments on TRN stories

This is a sample of unsolicited comments about our stories that we received from researchers over the last five years.

"That is an excellent story. You are the first reporter I have spoken with who seemed to really get it."

"I find all of the stories interesting each week and like the way you are connecting physics research with future applications in a manner readable by non-specialists."

"You have succinctly and quite elegantly stated the whole thing."

"It is good to read articles about science that get it right."

"Great job on the story. You facts are straight and the wording is clear."

"I really enjoyed the article, by the way. The best one yet!"

"Your article was true both to the spirit and the letter of what we are attempting, as well as being quite entertaining."

"Very thorough and thought-provoking article."

"It is so nice to read a well-written piece."

"Thanks for your article. This is the most accurate and precise one yet."

"I am reading the article, and it is much more interesting than the original appl phys letter! Very well written."

"I'm always very impressed by the degree of correctness and clarity in the articles you write."

"The article looks great, ... I love it!"

"You did a very good job in communicating a complex story."

"It is a carefully crafted and detailed explanation of the research."

"Nice, well written story!"

"Nice. I think you captured it well."

"Nice and informative story!"

"I checked out the story, and I must say it is very well done. Thanks for doing such a good job of presenting our research!"

"The story is very well written."

"This is a great article; thanks for the interest!

"It is well written-- exceptionally clear and readable."

"We really appreciate your taking the time to present the project so clearly and accurately."

"Very nice report and very nice website."

"Nice article! Thanks much - I'm glad you got some quotes from authoritative sources in the field."

"Thank you so much! Wow, it looks great!!"

"Thank you! It is a very nice article and has so much scientific content and perspective."

"Beautiful job! I really enjoyed reading it."

"Thanks!!! The article is wonderful and very distinct."

"I think you've been able to convey the idea in a very visual way."

"The article reads well. Thanks for reporting it. I like the figure a lot too. Is it ok if I use it as a decoration in future talks?"

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August 3, 2005

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