July 10/17, 2002   

   Photons heft more data
Light makes for superfast communications, but even a light beam is limited to transmitting a string of ones and zeros. Getting more bang for the photonic buck means finding a way to make individual photons more like alphabet letters than binary bits. The punch light packs turns out to be a promising candidate.
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Eavesdropping gets people talking
Letting a friend listen in can turn your private museum moment into a shared experience. A wireless network linking electronic guidebooks gets the conversation going, proving that your computer and your friend don't have to fight for your attention.

Self-learning eases quantum programming
Put processors based on the quirks of quantum physics together with software that mimics the brain, and the result could be ultra-powerful computers that program themselves.

Conceptual links trump hyperlinks
It turns out that people remember Web content better than the clicks that got them there. If designing a better Web site means making form follow function, this could turn conventional wisdom on its head.

Cell parts paint picture
Turn the machinery that transports matter around cells inside out and you get lots of tiny tubes zipping about on a surface. Fill the tubes with fluorescent dye and you get a way to map microscopic terrains.

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