July 2/9, 2003   

   DNA makes nano barcode
Researchers have made DNA test tube computers before, but output encoded in the makeup of DNA molecules is tough to read. Researchers have also coaxed strands of DNA to stack up into neat rows. Sheets of DNA that form a barcode pattern could make reading answers generated from DNA computing a lot easier. The method may also make it possible to construct electronics components molecule-by-molecule.
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Study reveals Net's parts
Despite its other-worldly cyber side, the Internet is rooted in the geopolitical boundaries of the real world - its natural organization includes groupings that conform largely to national borders. Spaces between groupings are Internet fault lines that reveal where the global network is most vulnerable to splitting apart.

Recommenders can skew results
Some online recommender systems have a built-in weakness that can skew results. Where opinions are concerned, people tend to go where others have gone before. Recommender systems that show others’ opinions in the process of gaining new ones can unduly influence the results. This makes it possible to game the system in the short-term, but it fosters long-term distrust in the system.

Light pipes track motion
Giving computers the ability to visually track moving objects usually requires cameras and sophisticated software. The right arrangement of small pipes and light detectors can accomplish the same task without the expensive hardware or computing resources. It's all about viewing the world one slice at a time.

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Material helps bits beat heat... Process puts nanotubes in place... Printing method makes biochips... Tiny T splits light... Tiny walls sprout nanowires... Big sites hoard links.

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