April 7/14, 2004   

   Net plan builds in search
Today's search engines chew up a lot of bandwidth crawling the Net and still can't touch the vast amounts of data in the deep Web. A proposal for building search capabilities into the Internet could lighten the load and extend the reach.
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Robot guided by its voice
Researchers generally help robots navigate by giving them the sense of sight. This is relatively complicated and expensive, however. A simpler approach is based on another human trait: listening to the sound of one's own voice. It also helps if the walls have ears.

Angle speeds plastic transistor
Going with the flow is a good way to pick up speed, particularly for plastic transistors. It turns out that the way the molecules of organic crystals are oriented relative to the electrodes of a transistor makes a big difference. Rotating the crystal 180 degrees can change the transistor's performance by as much as 3.5 times.

Sturdy quantum computing demoed
The atomic or subatomic components of prototype quantum computers usually have to be carefully sheltered from the environment, but a method that makes qubits immune to noise shows promise. A demonstration of a quantum search algorithm shows that decoherence-free subspaces can support a full computation.

DNA folds into paired pyramids... Fiber spun from nanotube smoke... Material boosts thermoelectricity... Nano ribbons coil into rings... Simulation maps nano patterns... Chip-camera combo tracks viruses.

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