June 27, 2001   

   Chemists concoct tiny lasers
They're ridiculously small, they practically build themselves, and they produce ultraviolet light. These nanowire lasers promise to surpass today's semiconductor lasers in passing data over optical networks and packing data into storage devices.
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Slimmer chips handle fast nets
Building network chips in a deep freeze lets IBM make them thinner, and therefore faster, than before, making it easier for electronics to handle faster optics.

Prototype transistors promise speedy chips
Intel knows what the transistors on its chips will look like in 2007. Now they just have to figure out how to manufacture them.

Molecules make short-term memory
Having a thousand molecules store one bit for 15 minutes doesn't sound impressive, but it's a big step forward on the long road to molecular memory.

Micromachine parts relax into place
Releasing stress is good for your health. It may also prove an easier way to build microdevices.

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