October 11, 2000   

   Quantum dot logic advances
Computers built from quantum dots have come two steps closer to reality with prototype switches that don't need electrical leads and a clock that synchronizes the switches. Quantum dot computers would be blazingly fast and require hardly any power. This all assumes somebody can figure out how to make the dots line up neatly. Full story
Researchers peer into quantum dots
Making lasers and maybe even computers from quantum dots should be easier now that researchers can spy on their electrons.

Flexible displays come into view
Someday getting a new monitor for your computer could be as easy as tearing off a sheet of cellophane. The key is plastic circuits.

NASA gets snake robot off the ground
Slithering along the ground, slipping into crevices and rearing up look like pretty efficient ways to explore planets.

Vibrations make electrons jump
When molecules start rocking, electrons know it's party time. Researchers aiming to make molecular electronic devices have another variable to think about: molecular vibration.

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