November 8, 2000   

   Electronics link mind and body
An experiment showing that paralyzed patients can use brain waves to open and close their hands via electrodes implanted in their muscles is one step toward using electronics to reconnect brain and body. The trick will be making the connection more natural by tapping directly into the brain and finding the subtle signals that make shaking hands or picking up a mug of coffee unconscious. Full story
Chip promises faster light-to-circuit link
Getting data from computer chips onto fiber-optic lines and back is a relatively slow affair. Layering a light-emitting substance on silicon should speed the translation.

Coffee effect could benefit circuit connections
Who knew there was so much going on in a simple coffee ring? Researchers at Princeton use the principle that makes coffee stains darker around the edges to cheaply produce thin copper lines.

Tiny silicon crystals loom large
Researchers make microscopic silicon crystals that line up in neat rows. The next step is figuring out how to make circuits out of them.

Switch offers cheap local-long distance link
An all-optical switch made from off-the-shelf parts could lower telephone company costs for bridging local and long distance networks.

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