Oct. 25/Nov. 1, 2000   

   Disk-on-a-chip takes shape
Making mass storage devices out of microelectromechanical systems could marry the best aspects of magnetic disk drives and memory chips. Imagine the equivalent of a 10 GB hard drive in your wristwatch. A microscopic actuator sets the stage. Full story
Shaky table top sorts parts
For a computer, bumping a table can be a good way to organize the objects sitting on it.

Forked nanotubes are tiny transistors
Those marvelous microscopic tubes learn a new trick -- controlling the flow of electricity.

Society goes on data binge
Two Berkeley researchers try to get their arms around how many email messages we send and TV shows we tape.

Pulse harbors magnetic mystery
Minuscule magnetic pulses behave differently than we thought, a puzzle that bears on future high-speed data storage devices.

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