November 22, 2000    

   Holey chips channel light
Punch microscopic holes in tiny pieces of semiconductor and you have a cheap way to channel light and even parse out specific wavelengths. The perforated chips should make networks faster and cheaper, and may also lead to all optical computers.
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Piezoelectric sliver forms sensor
A little cantilever is the key component of a sensor that one day could tell you how thick your blood is or what nasties might be lurking in it.

Self-tuning software speeds networks
A project to improve Internet software aims to ensure that off-the-shelf computers and fast networks are a match made in high-speed heaven.

Software cross-sorts gene data
Israeli researchers add a twist to software that parses huge amounts of data into manageable chunks. They've used it to analyze genes related to colon cancer. Next up, Wall Street.

Electron beams turn out tinier tubes
Nanotubes one millionth of a millimeter in diameter are common fare these days. Researchers in China have figured out how to make them one third that size.

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