November 29, 2000   

   Molecular motor shifts speeds
Molecular motors are found in nature but using them for nanotechnology means getting control of them. A University of Tokyo team has fashioned a three-speed motor out of a pair of ring molecules sandwiching a metal ion. The next step is hooking it up to something.
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Virtual mic carries concert hall sound over 'net
Software filters make surround sound from a single audio channel. Those old recordings from Carnegie Hall could come to life in your living room, even off the Internet.

Researchers ready radio-receiver-on-a-chip
Being able to tune in to specific frequencies is critical for radios, communications devices and all kinds of sensors. Researchers at Cornell have figured out how to make a tunable oscillator from a tiny sliver of silicon.

Proton memory is ultracheap but slow
It's not likely to replace computer memory as we know it, but a simple device that makes a bit out of a proton's position could do the trick if you don't need best of breed.

Crystal forms gas-triggered switch
Most crystals crumble when they meet harsh chemicals like sulfur dioxide. One hardy crystal not only stands up but changes color. The resilient material could find work as gas detectors or even optical switches.

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