September, 2003

Power Sources: Fuel Cells, Solar Cells and Batteries
32 pages

This report examines the current state of power sources technology, organizes key issues and puts them in context, and succinctly explains how the technology works.

Power sources drive everything from microscopic machines to electric power grids, and as the pace of technological development continues to increase, so does the need for more efficient and sustainable means of generating and storing energy. Research efforts aimed at augmenting and eventually replacing today's energy production methods focus mostly on hydrogen and solar technologies. A major, long-term international research effort is aiming to make nuclear fusion a reality.

The report includes an executive summary, a list of 13 developments to look for as these cutting-edge technologies take shape, and a section of 34 researchers to watch, including links to their Web pages. It also includes a quick tour of 30 recent developments in six areas and a section of 23 in-depth news stories from TRN.

The stories are organized into six categories: hydrogen generation and storage, fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectric and piezoelectric generation, batteries, and future power sources, which include fusion and zero-point energy.

TRN's Making the Future reports contain live links, and can be read on a computer, printed and archived.

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Report Sections

Executive Summary:
260 words

Main Report:
3,570 words

How It Works:
800 words

In-Depth Stories:
23 stories, including 7 images

Table of Contents:

Main Report
Power for the people
Generating alternatives
Bottled lightning
Elemental energy
Prying hydrogen loose
Stashing hydrogen away
Chemical power
Taking a cue from nature
The ultimate power source
Sand and sun
Beyond silicon
Splitting it up
The cost of converting photons
Recycling energy
Good vibrations
Packing power away
Further down the line
The unfathomable force of fusion
Something from nothing
Hand in glove

How It Works

Breaking chemical bonds
Electricity from light
Electricity from heat and vibrations
Energy from Atoms — Fusion

In-Depth Story Categories
Hydrogen generation and storage
Fuel cells
Solar cells
Thermoelectric and piezoelectric generation
Future power sources

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