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Machine Learning: The part of Artificial Intelligence concerned with giving computers the ability to recognize patterns and make predictions based on experience. Also known as Computer Learning.

Markov Chain: A method for calculating the probability of an event based on the previous event in a sequence without knowing the state that is generating the sequence of events.

MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS): Tiny machines, typically built onto computer chips, that are measured in micrometers. A micrometer is about 1/75th the width of a human hair. MEMS are typically built via photolithography, the same "etching with light" technique used to make computer chips.

Molecular Computing: Using molecule-scale computer components. Various experimental approaches include biological computing, chemical computing, DNA computing and silicon-based nanotechnology.

Multiagent System: A collection of autonomous software programs that communicate with each other, usually over a network, to exchange information and conduct transactions on behalf of people.

Multimedia: Information presented in a combination of forms including video, graphics and sound, in addition to text.

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