June 30/July 7, 2004   

   Software fuse shorts bugs
Software is notoriously undependable. One reason is that it is unpredictable. Unexpected conditions like unusual input can trigger bugs that bring a system down. A scheme that puts software fuses between software modules aims to nip problems in the bud.
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Holograms enable pocket projectors
Bulky video projectors are likely to go the way of vacuum tube televisions and computers thanks to several research efforts around the world. One approach is to replace light bulbs and magnifying lenses with lasers and holograms. The challenge is reducing the computational load involved in producing fast, high-quality holograms. An algorithm based on how people perceive video could have what it takes.

Memory cards make connections
Applying to computers the romantic notion that everyone has a soul mate can result in a simple way to make connections. Sony researchers have turned the company's flash memory card into a virtual wire that allows people to connect two networked devices just by plugging in a matched pair of cards.

Interface blends screen and video
A computer interface that combines video images and the computer desktop turns users into ghosts in their own machines. Making the video and desktop transparent allows both to be visible at once, and fingertip tracking lets users control the mouse by pointing. A two-user version puts a new twist on videoconferencing.

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