March 28/April 4, 2001   

   Programming goes quantum
Quantum computers and classical computers have about as much in common as atoms and baseballs. But rather than forcing programmers to dig out their old physics textbooks, some researchers are trying to stretch standard programming languages to encompass quantum computing. The trick is making quantum mechanical weirdness look like any other piece of hardware.
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Diversity trumps fitness
Evolutionary computing is usually about making everybody better. It turns out that for complicated problems keeping the losers around is the way to go.

Nanotubes paint clear picture
Chop nanotubes. Mix with paste. Roll evenly onto glass. Add wire mesh. Top with just a dash of electricity. Serve at high resolution.

Hitting the deck cools microdevices
When highflying MEMS can't take the heat, knocking them to the floor can be a good way to keep them from burning out.

Magnetic fields move microbeads
Tiny gold wires can lead magnetic microbeads by the nose. This manipulative relationship bodes well for delivering drugs to individual cells.

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