June 6, 2001   

   Search scheme treads lightly
If peer-to-peer networks are going to deliver on their promise to remake the Net as a populist and subversive force, they're going to have to stop chewing up so much bandwidth dealing with searches. The solution could be in the structure of the Internet itself.
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Bug-eye lenses set up desktop chipmaking
It's The Fly meets the staff meeting from hell. A fiendish experiment at Harvard gives an overhead projector compound eyes. But rather than projecting hundreds of miniature quarterly report summaries, the device could bring chipmaking into the home office.

DNA parts make versatile nanotubes
You can grow them where you want them and how you want them, and if it turns out to be easy to fill them with metal they could replace carbon nanotubes as the stars of the nascent nanoelectronics field.

Watermarks hide in plain text
Think of language as a kind of code and the idea of being able to secretly embed proof of ownership in your words makes sense. However, the passive voice will have to be tolerated by you.

Material bends sound waves
A slab of aluminum with mercury-filled holes points to a future where acoustic lenses and mirrors focus and direct sound and maybe even form sound wave circuits.

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