May 30, 2001   

   VR tool aims high
Trying to create a halfway convincing interactive simulation of a human being by combining a host of not-ready-for-primetime technologies is the height of ambition. The results could begin to deliver on the great promise of virtual reality. But is it the best way to do research?
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Bulk nanotubes make clean crystals
Carbon nanotubes are all the rage these days in research circles, even though they're usually a mess to sort out. Growing the vanishingly small tubes in straight, orderly bundles could make them a hit with the rest of the world.

Engine fires up electrical devices
Imagine having your auto mechanic give your laptop a tuneup.

Microscopic stamps make nanotech devices
The thousands-of-years-old technique of shaping metal in molds updates the chipmaking process.

How metallic are metal nanotubes?
Some carbon nanotubes are metal and some are semiconducting. End of story, right? Not quite...

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