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Page One, July 26, 2000
Tiny robots flex their muscles,   Optical coax takes tight turns,
Making a caged ion blink,    Simulation acts 7-year-old's age,
Computer science faces decision theory

Page One, July 19, 2000
Hearing between the lines,   Search tool finds answers before queries,
Scatter could boost fiber capacity,    Software makes data really sing,
Magnetic microscope recovers damaged data

Page One, July 12, 2000
Bendable nanotubes store bits,   Protein coated chips sniff out bacteria,
The little light-sensitive molecule that could,   Fault-tolerant free speech,
Chemical reaction zips nanowires onto silicon

Page One, June 28/July 5, 2000
Cortex chip goes both ways,   Sampling ability broadens quantum computing,
Nano-scale plotter goes parallel,   NASA grasps intricacies of the human hand,
Algorithm evolves more efficient engine

Page One, June 21, 2000
Nature nurtures nanotech,   Virtual physicals at hand,
Sandia speeds microtube chip making,   Data compression makes the heart grow fuzzy,
Multicast promises lighter wireless Internet

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