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December 11/18, 2006
Mini artificial heart, Truer wide-angle lens,
Breathable rubber, Water tunes light chips,
Steerable bacteria, Worms in a maze
November 27/December 4, 2006
Robot deals with damage, Shape shifter expands repertoire,
Spiky surface kills bugs, Nanoparticles flag cocaine,
Double-duty nanocrystals, Nanotubes move heat uphill
November 13/20, 2006
Greener hydrogen, Hyper breathalyzer,
Nanotubes on metal, Nerve-nanotube circuit,
Spying on an electron, Light logic
October 31/November 6, 2006
Speaking antibiotic, 3D mini endoscope,
Hyper MRI, Nano cure for bad oxygen,
Less chilly single photons, Quantum synchronized swimming
October 16/23, 2006
Robot whiskers, Teleporting light to matter,
Quantum light chip, Virus bits,
Dose and antidote in one, Soapy nanotube sorter
October 2/9, 2006
DNA sponges, Chip charts gene action,
One-two nano punch, Biochip microscope,
Gel-driven biochip, Nanotech initiative report card
September 18/25, 2006
Ionic booster, Surface tension power,
Nanofibers get blood flowing, Nanotubes tap neurons,
Swimming nanowire circuits, Teleportation for two
September 4/11, 2006
Inkjetting nanotubes, Chip laser shines nano spots,
3D nanowire paper, Molecular barcodes,
Microscopes set to go hyper, Entangled quantum crypto demo
August 21/28, 2006
RFID tag spotter, Chip runs on radio,
Muscling up color displays, Microfluidic refrigerator,
Laser-in-a-biochip, Sensitive foam
August 7/14, 2006
Sensitive liquid lens, Vertical passages for biochips,
Neural net simplifies data, Infrared detector IDs people,
Guiding aerosols with light, Materials chill in laser light
July 24/31, 2006
Plastic power, Biodiesel beats ethanol,
Surround vision, Living sensors,
Atom sorter, Test tube electronics
July 10/17, 2006
Flat ion trap, Sugar for plastic,
Holey semiconductor, Laser-triggered tumor killers,
Artificial photosynthesis, Self-healing coating
June 26/July 3, 2006
3D from 2D, Beastly blend,
Naturally waterproof, Sturdier DNA,
Electric DNA scanner, Broadband optical chips
June 12/19, 2006
Artificial fingertip, These shoes were made for walking -- in place,
Liquid crystal clothing, Pushpin input devices,
Interactive water and Molecular refrigerator
May 29/June 5, 2006
Invisibility, in theory; Ubiquitous hydrogen sensors;
Cellphone as chemical sensor; Ultraviolet LEDs;
Speedy nanowire transistors; and Stability for fusion experiments

View from the High Ground: ICL's John Pendry
May 15/22, 2006
Molecular traffic control, DNA tweezer machine,
Tricks of light, Nanotube LEDs,
Nanowires stand tall, Superconductor etch-a-sketch
May 8, 2006

Camouflaged messages,   Pneumatic logic,
Cell phone traffic tracks weather,   Flexible circuits get speedy,
Metal-like plastic,   Molecular electronics get stable
May 1, 2006

Plastic bug eye,   Meaningful Wikipedia,
Web as computer,   Terahertz biochip,
Rubber micro microscope,   Watery wires promise super memory
April 24, 2006

DNA sequencer on a chip,   Digital photo CSI,
Liquid disk drive,   3D Petrie dish,
Cellular barcodes,   Superconductor logic
April 17, 2006

Nano electricity,   A why interface,
DNA copier flags toxins,   Camera phone mouse,
Blue betters white LEDs,   Nanowire photon detector
Smalley's Research Watch: Toward implantable sensors

April 10, 2006

Virus-built batteries,   Micro plastic assembly line,
Thumbnail document browser,   All hands on desk,
Liquid silicon,   Blood typing biochip
Smalley's Research Watch: Kurzweil keynote

April 3, 2006

Liquid crystal bifocals,   Nanodots boost superconductor,
Flat lens laser tweezers,   Adjustable passive robot walking,
Sponge-based chipmaking,   Nanotube film printing
March 27, 2006

Foundry in a fiber,   Fuel cell muscles,
Nanotube circuit,   Double-barreled cancer treatment,
Molecular pedal power,   Faster plastic electronics
Page One, March 13/20, 2006

Nano knitting mends brains,   Mighty molecular motor,
Broken straw illusion,   Precision positioning with DNA
Nano metronome,   Printing nanocircuits
Smalley's Research Watch: DNA nanotech made easy

Page One, March 6, 2006

Piles of PDA files,   Motion models how we meet,
Fingers do the browsing,   Commands hover, data touches
Cropping by eye,   Electric field refrigeration
Smalley's Research Watch: Loneliness trumps exercise

Page One, February 27, 2006

Magnetic shape shifters,   Computing by not computing,
Micro fuel cells get simple,   Heart cells pump biochip
Plastic cassette ID's DNA,   Flat lens focuses microwaves

Page One, February 20, 2006

High-tech virus films,   Rubber crystal has light touch,
Enzymes compute,   Quantum crypto advances demoed
Swollen lenses make biosensor,   Nanofluidics tune light chips
Smalley's Research Watch: Slick touch,   Don't think about it

Page One, February 13, 2006

Rings turn out hydrogen,   Nanotubes hold more electricity,
Nanotubes boost solar cells,   We follow the herd, culturally
Multilevel optical disk scheme,   Motion sensor on a chip
Smalley's Research Watch: Nifty new tech

Page One, February 6, 2006

RFID steps toward ubiquity,   Sturdy plastic nanotubes,
Study urges nano safety rules,   Pressure brings focus
Freezing bones,   Biosensor taps transistor
Smalley's Research Watch: Mega fishfinder

Page One, January 30, 2006

DNA-nanotube combo spots toxins,   Self-improving software,
Detector boosts quantum crypto,   Self-assembly makes flexible LCD
Graphics chips speed holograms,   Nanorods focus microscope
Smalley's Research Watch: Green growing

Page One, January 23, 2006

Goals tame home electronics,   Context boosts VR interfaces,
Caterpillar to butterfly to LED,   Spray-on prosthetics
Bubbles clean up ultrasound,   Nanowire mats flex muscle
Smalley's Research Watch: Pigs in space,   Warming threatens sea life

Page One, January 16, 2006

Magnetic logic advances,   Seeing the light of Net access,
Carbon gets more hydrogen,   Chemistry pumps artificial muscle
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Tiny teachers

Page One, January 9, 2006

Nanomaterials bloom,   Nano gives solar 2-for-1,
Email shows it's who you know,   Sensor sees spark of life
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Dangerous thoughts ahead



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