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Page One, December 26, 2005/January 2, 2006

DNA patterns,   Optical circuits simplified,
Nanotech medicine,   Robotic consciousness
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: The world is your farm

Page One, December 19, 2005

Silicon gets stretchy,   Photos make icons meaningful,
Info theory boosts clustering,   Lasers drive biochips
Bits and pieces,   How It Works: Quantum computing: qubits
Smalley's Research Watch: Morphing bubbles

Page One, December 12, 2005

Nature's nano sensors,   Buckyballs bind to DNA,
Quantum nets advance,   Shocks produce laser-like light
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Humor divides brains by gender

Page One, December 5, 2005

3D video for the rest of us,   Infectious antivirus protection,
Energy-free communications,   A motivated room
Bits and pieces,   View from the High Ground: Cornell's Jon Kleinberg
Smalley's Research Watch: Ocean of trouble

Page One, November 21, 2005

Butterflies master photonics,   Search engines share the wealth,
Finger tap interface detailed,   Hologram stats ID microbes
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Adding can subtract distractions

Page One, November 14, 2005

Space tractor,   Chemical hubs,
Time simplifies quantum crypto,   Spreadsheet drives sensor net
Bits and pieces,   How It Works: Quantum cryptography
Smalley's Research Watch: Adding can subtract distractions

Page One, November 7, 2005

Holograms organize nanowires,   DNA delivers anti-cancer drug,
Tiny sensors tracked,   Sensors net tree data
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Attack could overload Net,   Cleaner nylon

Page One, October 31, 2005

Double-barreled nano printing,   Security through obfuscation,
Better light switches,   Molecule walks this way
Bits and pieces,   View from the High Ground: GMU's Harry Wechsler
Smalley's Research Watch: Measuring moisture,   Questionable choices

Page One, October 24, 2005

Portable augmented reality,   Bacteria simplifies fuel cells,
Nano error correction,   Addressing nanowire arrays
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Boosting old brains

Page One, October 17, 2005

Bracelet navigates Net,   Nanotube bombs kill cancer,
Mesh networks best,   DNA sensor shines brightly
Bits and pieces,   How It Works: Data storage technologies
Smalley's Research Watch: That's how the spaghetti crumbles

Page One, October 10, 2005

The Net: not so vulnerable,   Cheap solar cells get efficient,
Swimming blood cells,   Microbes drive sensor
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Grammar as time machine

Page One, October 3, 2005

Machine copies itself like DNA,   Thoughts wander in VR,
DNA computing gets chipped,   We like people like us -- even fakes
Bits and pieces,   View from the High Ground: USC's Michael Arbib
Smalley's Research Watch: Uphill water walkers

Page One, September 26, 2005

Protein logic digitizes cells,   Spray-on solar cell manufacturing,
Biochip spots cancer signs,   Plasma pen to fight plaque
Bits and pieces
Smalley's Research Watch: Seashells and CO2,   A-salting freshwater

Page One, September 19, 2005

Honey, I shrunk the robotic inchworm,   Nano wireless,
RNA nanotech takes on cancer,   Physics finds file-folder formula
Bits and pieces,   How It Works: Two schools of cryptography
Smalley's Research Watch: Room temperature ice

Page One, September 12, 2005

Power walking,   Blinded by the light,
Projecting a well-compensated image,   Indoor cellphone tracking
Bits and pieces,   View from the High Ground: Georgia Tech's Ronald Arkin

Smalley's Research Watch: Brown blocks white

Page One, September 5, 2005

21st century scrolls,   Hierarchies promise better searches,
Store and forward qubits,   Sonic needles
Letter to readers,   How It Works: Finding Information on the 'Net

Smalley's Research Watch: Cultural vision

Page One, August 29, 2005

DNA buckyballs,   Using light to measure force,
Observing neurons in their natural habitat,   Small-world thresholds by the numbers
Bits and pieces

Smalley's Research Watch: Blink blindness

Page One, August 22, 2005

Give it some skin,   Fast nanotube fabrics,
Domesticated algae,   Bend, but don't slow down
Bits and pieces,   View from the High Ground: CMU's Brad Myers,
How It Works: DNA Technologies

Smalley's Research Watch: Bone farming

Page One, August 10/17, 2005

System carries PC soul,   Plug-in protects passwords,
Ice transforms chipmaking,   Pixels speed quantum crypto

Briefs: Textures ID paper and plastic,   DNA process stamps patterns,
Templates yield nano branches,   Chemistry moves micro machines

Smalley's Research Watch: Not your father's hurricane,   Stealth learning,
More melting and a mystery solved

Page One, July 27/August 3, 2005

Traffic model maps congestion,   Fingernails store data,
Quantum crypto scheme doubly fast,   How It Works: Internet Structure

Briefs: Baited molecule fights cancer,   Bacteria drive biochip sensor,
System brightens dark video,   Micro fuel cell packs power

Smalley's Research Watch: Soothing oil,   Fading protection

Page One, July 13/20, 2005

TRN’s Top 10 Stories,   Letter to Readers,

Briefs: Invisible ink is rewritable,   Light powers biochip gears,
Self-assembly goes around bends,   Magnetics drives particle patterns

Smalley's Research Watch: Seeing red,   Informative droppings
Copying keys

Page One, June 29/July 6, 2005

Nanowire networks route light,   Cell combo yields blood vessels,
Physics maps city complexity,   How It Works: Self-assembly

Briefs: Paint program renders ink physics,   Silicon light switch is electric,
Crystal promises more light,   Micro marbles make nano rings

Smalley's Research Watch: Serial and parallel,   Plant storms
Hydrogen's health advantage

Page One, June 15/22, 2005

Robot runs like humans,   DNA machine links molecules,
Process ups biodiesel efficiency,   How It Works: Power sources

Briefs: Nanowire computer circuits debut,   Lens boosts LED efficiency,
Quantum crypto boosted to 2 GHz,   Single camera measures speed

Smalley's Research Watch: Bird talk isn't cheap,   Visual discipline
I feel your pain

Page One, June 1/8, 2005

Camera sees behind objects,   Movie captures trapped light,
Speedy photon detector debuts,   How It Works: Computer displays

Briefs: Going nano boosts thermoelectrics,   Magnetic resonance goes nano,
Lasers built into fiber-optics,   Nano LEDs made easier

Smalley's Research Watch: Dolphin culture,   Step lively
Water in the air

Page One, May 18/25, 2005

Machine reproduces itself,   Conference system makes shared space,
Nanotube memory scheme is magnetic,   How It Works: Robot navigation

Briefs: Nanoparticles drive display,   Thin silver sheet makes superlens,
Catalyst boosts gasoline fuel cells,   Virtual DNA makes material

Smalley's Research Watch: Pinpointing pollution,   Influential words
Dissecting the House

Page One, May 4/11, 2005

Memory mimic aids reading,   Chip gauges cell reactions,
View from the High Ground: NYU's Nadrian Seeman

Briefs: Surface tension drives nanomotor,   Laser sniffs explosives,
Nano pyramids boost fuel cells,   Noisy snapshots show quantum weirdness

Smalley's Research Watch: Cancer checkpoints,   How happy equals healthy
Cancer-fighting herb detailed

Page One, April 20/27, 2005

Telescopes make bug-eye optics,   Summarizer ranks sentences,
Impact Assessment: Overly smart buildings

Briefs: Ultraviolet shifts plastic's shape,   Spiral laser beam demoed,
Nanotube chemical sensor gains speed,   Trapped cells make micromotors

Smalley's Research Watch: Seeing how you think,   Everyday toxins,
Trap makers,   Hibernation for all?

Page One, April 6/13, 2005

Programmed DNA forms fractal,   Dialogue system juggles topics,
Scheme reverses light pulses,   View from the High Ground: Joan Feigenbaum

Briefs: Tough material gets functional,   Water shifts rubber's shape,
Interference scheme sharpens focus,   System forms light necklace,
Trapped light pulses interact,   Optics demo does quantum logic,
Strained material cleans up memory

Smalley's Research Watch: Blue-green neurotoxin,   Damage done,
Weird fields and beyond

Page One, March 23/30, 2005

Tool turns English to code,   Common sense boosts speech software,
Inkjet prints human cells,   How it Works: Biochips

Briefs: Nanowires track molecular activity,   Microdroplet makes mighty microscope,
Cheap material makes speedy memory,   Tiny crystals adjust laser colors,
Electricity controls biomolecules,   Nanotubes juice super batteries,
Layers promise cheap circuits

Smalley's Research Watch: Eating the seed corn

Page One, March 9/16, 2005

Snapshots save digital evidence,   Software organizes email by task,
Wire guides terahertz waves,   How it Works: Pattern Recognition

Briefs: Quantum crypto scheme goes one-way,   Method makes double nanotubes,
Material promises denser DVDs,   Artificial cochlea tells tones apart,
Nanotubes boost molecular devices,   Avalanches up disk storage,
Silicon chip laser goes continuous

Smalley's Research Watch: Born to talk,   Swelling seas

Page One, February 23/March 2, 2005

Humanoid robots walk naturally,   Software gives descriptive directions,
Springs simplify micromirror arrays,   Impact Assessment: Roadside Eye Catchers

Briefs: Process yields semiconductor foam,   Rod arrays focus sound,
Metal atoms make silicon magnetic,   Speech software makes concept maps,
Tiny transistors sniff chemicals,   Plastic changes color in heat,
Light writes data in electrons

Smalley's Research Watch: Weighty matters

Page One, February 9/16, 2005

Atomic scopes eye living tissue,   Brainwave interface goes 2D,
Software ties marks to digital text,   View from the High Ground: Xerox's Hervé Gallaire

Briefs: All-silicon chip laser demoed,   Nanotubes crank out hydrogen,
Nanotubes on plastic speed circuits,   Lens design promises tight spots,
Silicon nanocrystal transistor shines,   Nano triangles concentrate light,
Musical additions sound alarm

Smalley's Research Watch: Memorable avalanches,   Something's fishy,
Science summit

Page One, January 26/February 2, 2005

Nano bridge builds logic,   Braille display drives biochip,
Adaptive lights organize traffic,   How It Works: Nanotechnology

Briefs: Spray-on photocells harvest infrared,   Oil and water drive display,
Chemical fuse makes cheap sensors,   Metals speed transparent circuits,
Plastic records infrared light,   Magnetic logic becomes practical,
Plastic memory retains data
Smalley's Research Watch: Beady protection,   Waterier water cleans cleaner,
Drawing a line on climate,   Noisy diversity

Page One, January 12/19, 2005

Video organizes paper,   Conversations control computers,
DNA scheme builds computers,   A Short History of the Computer

Briefs: Copy-and-paste goes natural,   RNA tiles form nanopatterns,
Input device tracks muscle tremors,   Nano gas turbine designed,
Ultrasound makes blood stand out,   Silicon surfaces speed circuits,
Branchy molecules make precise pores
Smalley's Research Watch: Cell phone caution,   Cell signaling subtleties,
Fast flap



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