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December 22/29, 2008

Electric sponge promises color e-paper
Feds falling down on nano risk
Magnetic biochip spots cancer
Chip stores single photons
December 8/15, 2008

Biochip scans blood for biomarkers
Longer storage boosts quantum networks
Light powers nanomachine
Nanotube capsules make molecular motor
November 24/December 1, 2008

Microrobot takes cue from nature
Nanotubes crank out tunes
Chaotic lasers encrypt fast data
Curves bring invisibility into focus
Silk builds bone
November 10/17, 2008

Micro backpacks let cells carry loads
Madeover microbe keeps time
Biochip tracks molecular signals
Nanotube plastic makes cotton smarter
Plastic memory gets tough
October 27/November 3, 2008

Flying lenses promise cheap chips
Molecular layers do logic
Phosphorous makes quantum memory
Brain cells learn to motor
Acetaminophen gel delivers drugs
October 13/20, 2008

Breathalyzer sniffs lung cancer makers
Curly nanotubes strengthen gecko tape
Infrared drives flexible color display
Spins flip magnetic bits
Nanowire chip channels light
September 29/October 6, 2008

Dancing bubbles get the picture
Fungus keeps nanoparticles apart
More cautions on nanoparticles
Electric fields manipulate magnetic memory material
Chipmaking method makes single-electron devices
September 15/22, 2008

Quantum weirdness promises better imaging
Cancer nanoparticles get the picture
Tiny popping lids make cheap memory
Black expands plastic display palette
Reversing time promises invisibility
September 1/8, 2008

Robots get better at follow the leader
Artificial bone gets natural gradually
Process prototypes paper biochips
Plastic transistors get wet
Prototype promises practical quantum crypto
August 18/25, 2008

Negative refraction gets visible
Camera chips get curvy
Rubber electronics debut
Nanowire printing
Puny plastic patterns
Biochemical logic drives microscopic shape shifters
August 4/11, 2008

Seeing logic
Software sees structure
Programming biology
Tiny microscope goes with the flow
Rubber biochips get sophisticated
Cut nanotubes speed flexible circuits
July 21/28, 2008

Sound-altered light promises speedier chips
Lasers switch on drugs
Nanoparticles take new angles on cancer
Shape memory boosts biochips
3D biochips make cells at home
Paired mirrors lower display power
July 7/14, 2008

DNA with the naked eye
Synthetic protein folding
Laser-made micro gels on acid
Nano bubbles boost boiling
Spinning out nanotube transistors
Software reads faces for comprehension
June 23/30, 2008

Nanoparticles for stem cells
Cell taxis
Excitons juice up light switches
Software puts images on the map
Graphics system melds real and virtual light
Software turns up illusion
June 9/16, 2008

What were you thinking -- the computer knows
Monkey cyborg
Toys make teamed robots
Light-inspired biochip
Artificial cells get chatty
Self-assembled artificial virus
May 26/June 2, 2008

Diamond beetles
Lasing spaser
Nanotube-cancer concern
This chip is a pill
Cells prefer stripes
Snip-and-tag DNA sequencing
May 12/19, 2008

Artificial organelles
Memory effect promises better memory chips
Nano pine trees
Process melds nanowires and chips
Light-linked dots
Photonic matchmaker
April 28/May 5, 2008

Pond scum ethanol
Off-the-shelf nanoparticles
Quartz keeps nanotubes in line
More accurate ions
Opaque ghosts
Lighting virtual fog
April 14/21, 2008

Clumps make better solar cells
Digital pet as watchdog
Parallel processing of DNA
Nanoelectromechanical logic
Magnetic memory wires
Tunable terahertz
March 31/April 7, 2008

Better heat-to-electricity
Flexible silicon
Inkjet transistors
Fetching robot
Single photons from space
Matter wave magic trick
March 17/24, 2008

Fake four-year-old knows something
Entanglement on demand
Healing with nanoparticles and nanofibers
Like a rolling cell...
Building with DNA
Tiny device crunches big numbers
March 3/10, 2008

Self-healing rubber
Gecko bandage
Paint-on transistors
Better dye solar cell
Optical breathalyzer
Magnetic cloak
February 18/25, 2008

Power suits
Power walking
Low-power chips
Biofuels' down side
Double-stranded DNA conducts
Updatable holographic display
February 4/11, 2008

Keeping tabs on physical files
Nanotubes are blackest
Nanotube transistor radio
Plankton chips
Dynamic DNA pyramids
3D DNA crystals
January 21/28, 2008

Contact lens displays
Silicon nanowires get a charge from heat
Switchgrass rules ethanol efficiency
Sound invisibility
Magnets steer cells
Programmed DNA self-assembly


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