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Page One, December 29, 2004/January 5, 2005

TRN's Top Picks: Technology Research Advances of 2004,   Letter to readers,

Briefs: Alcohol fuel cell goes micro,   LED array turned into touch button,
Coated nanotubes make biosensors,   Gestures control true 3D display,
Atom demo fixes quantum errors,   Virtual turntable simplifies sharing,
Molecular motor goes both ways,   Solar cell teams plastic and carbon,
DNA makes and breaks particle clumps,   Sapphire steps shape nanotubes arrays
Smalley's Research Watch: What rats hear when we speak,   Geckos and lint,
How the South Pole froze over,   A sense of space

Page One, December 15/22, 2004

Light clock promises finer time,   Physics model predicts book sales,
Silicon ring boosts light chips,   Molecule harvests water's hydrogen,

Briefs: Virtual ring eases scrolling,   DNA makes nanotube transistors,
Scheme simplifies quantum chips,   Aligned nanotubes accommodate bone,
Light writes info into atoms,   See-through circuits speed up
Smalley's Research Watch: Beyond our sense of time,   Biometrics bottleneck?,
It runs through a river
Page One, December 1/8, 2004

For pure nanotubes add water,   Solar cell doubles as battery,
Conversational engagement tracked,   Pure silicon laser debuts,

Briefs: Tight twist toughens nanotube fiber,   Multicamera surveillance automated,
Chemical keeps hydrogen on ice,   Smart dust gets magnetic,
Short nanotubes carry big currents,   Demo advances quantum networking
Smalley's Research Watch: Big pictures,   Modeling Babel,
Blast from the past,   Simple is smart,
Warming up to Sterling and solar,   Tale's telltale signs
Cells and magnetic fields,   Learning doesn't have to be so hard

Page One, November 17/24, 2004

Fibers mix light and electricity,   Software sorts out subjectivity,
Nanomechanical memory demoed,   Nanotubes tune in light,

Briefs: Low-pressure material holds hydrogen,   Plastic cuts artificial hip wear,
2D holograms make 3D color display,   Lasers drive nano locomotive,
Light-recording plastic holds up,   Atom flip energy measured

Page One, November 3/10, 2004

Ultrathin carbon speeds circuits,   DNA machines take a walk,
DNA in nanotubes sorts molecules,   Single field shapes quantum bits,

Briefs: Nanotubes lengthen to centimeters,   Coated nanotubes record light,
Photonic crystal lasers juiced,   Lasers move droplets,
Molecules form nano containers,   Square rings promise reliable MRAM

Page One, October 20/27, 2004

Biochip spots single viruses,   Cooler material boosts fuel cells,
Pen stroke cuts PDA Web clutter,   Wide laser makes simple tweezers,

Briefs: Biochip levitates droplets,   Nanotubes form transparent film,
Molecules positioned on silicon,   Mechanical valve design goes nano,
Angles increase optical storage,   Crystal links ultraviolet photons

Page One, October 6/13, 2004


Atomic clock to sync handhelds,   Quantum math models speech,
Page layout drives Web search,   Fluid chip does binary logic,

Briefs: Chip spots DNA electrochemically,   Crystal structure tunes nanowires,
Gas flow makes electricity,   Sound makes electricity for space,
Design rules build on self-assembly,   Nanotube diode reverses itself

Page One, September 22/29, 2004


Fuel cell converts waste to power,   Bank transfer demos quantum crypto,
Agent model yields leadership,   Flexible sensors make robot skin,

Briefs: Microscope etches ultrathin lines,   Nanowire makes standup transistor,
Plastics ease nanotube circuits,   Virus forms nano template,
Photo molecules flip current,   Nanotubes on cloth fire electrons

Page One, September 8/15, 2004


Automatic icons organize files,   Simple search lightens Net load,
Chip architecture uses nanowires,   Polymer serves up single photons,

Briefs: Alumina glass made in bulk,   Pure crystal promises hardy chips,
Nanoribbons channel light,   Photonic crystal throttles light,
Nano memory scheme handles defects,   Nanotube transistor has power

Page One, August 25/September 1, 2004


Selective shutdown protects nets,   Tools design DNA-nanotube logic,
Five photons linked,   Liquid crystal IDs pathogens,

Briefs: Photosynthesis drives solar cell,   Hybrid nanowire makes transistor,
Nanocrystals spark efficient LEDs,   Nanotubes make fluid filter,
DNA copier uses little power,   Method makes stronger steel

Page One, August 11/18, 2004
Projector lights radio tags,   Cell phone melds video and data,
Sound system lets listeners move,   Chips measure electron spin,

Briefs: Twisted fiber filters light,   Shifty tiles bring walking to VR,
Speck trios make secret codes,   Single gold atoms altered,
Pen writes micro wires,   Design eases nano locomotion

Page One, July 28/August 4, 2004
Photonic chips go 3D,   Online popularity tracked,
Summarizer gets the idea,   Electric fields assemble devices,

Briefs: Process prints silicon on plastic,   Tool automates photomontage edits,
Device promises microwave surgery,   Hologram makes fast laser tweezer,
Chemistry yields DNA fossils,   Particle chains make quantum wires

Page One, July 14/21, 2004
Messenger taps social nets,   Quantum crypto network debuts,
Teleport lifts quantum computing,   Probabilities ease genetic logic,

Briefs: Ultraviolet powers pixels,   Nanorods gain gold tips,
E-ink drawing pad closer to paper,   Retinal display guides near-blind,
Multi-projector system gets diverse,   Laser tweezer traps nanotubes

Page One, June 30/July 7, 2004
Software fuse shorts bugs,   Holograms enable pocket projectors,
Memory cards make connections,   Interface blends screen and video,

Briefs: Paper promises better e-paper,   Birds-eye view helps guide public,
Nanotubes boost neuron growth,   Chip protects single atoms,
Mega video enables virtual window,   Method tests molecular devices

Page One, June 16/23, 2004
Fragments boost 3D TV,   Internet ups power grid IQ,
Fractals show machine intentions,   VR tool re-creates hallucinations,

Briefs: Chip miniaturizes holography,   Pressure adds depth to displays,
Genes automate DNA machines,   Scheme optimizes light chips,
Silicon nanowires grown in place,   Laser tweezer grabs varied specks

Page One, June 2/9, 2004
Recognition keys access,   Rules aim to get devices talking,
Access patterns organize data,   Atom-photon link demoed,

Briefs: Plastic nanowires sense gasses,   Process nets cheap microstructures,
Cursor speed shows virtual bumps,   Sensors track martial arts blows,
Nanotube moves molten metal,   Buckyballs gain smaller kin

Page One, May 19/26, 2004
Solar crystals get 2-for-1,   Shape-shifting remakes interfaces,
Evolution trains robot teams,   Group dynamics play out in VR,

Briefs: Nanotube sparks could cool chips,   Nanotube makes metal transistor,
Junctions expand nano railroad,   Indexes bolster ebook search,
Microchannel folds fluids,   Electricity turns plastic green

Page One, May 5/12, 2004
DNA bot targets cancer,   Memory stores three bits in one,
Chaos seems to aid learning,   Y switches set up low-power logic,

Briefs: Color display blocks prying eyes,   Net lets hand-helds view 3D data,
Speed limits could slow viruses,   Nano test tubes fabricated,
Nanowires make tiny compasses,   Upbeat computers boost users

Page One, April 21/28, 2004
Material grabs more sun,   Spoke polarization tightens focus,
Molecule makes electric motor,   Optical quantum memory designed,

Briefs: Printer writes micro 3D objects,   Tiny rotors spin into place,
Nanotube forms drive shaft,   Photons teleported six kilometers,
Magnets align nanotubes in resin,   Sturdy quantum crypto proposed

Page One, April 7/14, 2004
Net plan builds in search,   Robot guided by its voice,
Angle speeds plastic transistor,   Sturdy quantum computing demoed,

Briefs: DNA folds into paired pyramids,   Fiber spun from nanotube smoke,
Material boosts thermoelectricity,   Nano ribbons coil into rings,
Simulation maps nano patterns,   Chip-camera combo tracks viruses

Page One, March 24/31, 2004
Molecular logic proposed,   System susses out silent speech,
Virtual people look realistically,   Pulse trap makes optical switch,

Briefs: Irregular layout sharpens light,   Bacteria make clean power,
Curve widens 3D display,   Triangles form one-way channels,
DNA has nano building in hand,   Nanowires span silicon contacts

Page One, March 10/17, 2004
Red wine mends solar cells,   Search tool aids browsing,
Tiny pumps drive liquid circuits,   X-shape pulses hold together,

Briefs: Patterned fiber makes tiny scope,   Atom spouts photons on demand,
Channel shapes split microdrops,   Chip controls neural connection,
Atomic microscope spots viruses,   Charges make micro whirlpools

Page One, February 25/March 3, 2004
Ethanol yields hydrogen,   Biochip makes droplet test tubes,
Model keeps virtual eyes right,   Simple optics make quantum relay,

Briefs: Hot tip boosts disk capacity,   Nanotubes boost shape recovery,
Nanowires spot DNA mutation,   Scans pick up object orientation,
Nanotube mix makes liquid crystal,   Film promises terabit storage

Page One, February 11/18, 2004
Light-storing chip charted,   Coincidences set up mental error,
Noise boosts nanotube antennas,   Web users re-visit in steps,

Briefs: All-plastic display demoed,   DNA sorts nanotubes,
Electricity teleportation devised,   Mechanical storage goes low power,
Scientists brew tree-shaped DNA,   Magnets tune photonic crystal

Page One, January28/February 4, 2004
Robot automates science,   Chemicals map nanowire arrays,
Badge controls displays,   Neural-chaos team boosts security,

Briefs: Inkjet goes 3D,   Nanotubes tied to silicon circuit,
Micro tweezers have ice grip,   Nanorings promise big memory,
Protein orders semiconductor bits,   Technique detects quantum state

Page One, January14/21, 2004
Quantum dice debut,   Pressure shapes plastic,
Software repairs itself on the go,   Nanoparticle dyes boost storage,

Briefs: Fiber optics goes nano,   Melted fibers make nano channels,
Wet biochip preserves proteins,   Nanotubes grown on plastic,
Hardy molecule makes memory,   Atoms make quantum coprocessor



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